If you are searching out a way to market your internet site, and you haven’t considered using eBay, then you can very well be lacking out on one of the lowest cost internet site advertising alternatives round. Let me provide an explanation for…

Everyone is looking for a manner to generate targeted website site visitors at the bottom possible fee, but evidently a whole lot of humans are overlooking an remarkable internet site advertising device that is probably already ebook-marked internal their browser – eBay.

EBay has over sixty five million registered users buying, promoting and surfing all styles of products around the clock. Just think, what if we (internet site owners) had a manner to funnel a number of that site visitors off onto our internet site? Well, we do, and we can do it surprisingly affordably!

The key to accomplishing that is the eBay ‘Me’ web page. The eBay Me page is type of a profile-like page which you setup to your eBay ID. When potential customers study your auctions, and your ID, they’ll see a touch ‘Me’ icon picture that hyperlinks in your Me web page. And it’s very critical to word: your Me web page can link in your website.

Let’s see how this will paintings with an instance. Let’s say you’ve got a internet site that sells a path on a way to make money using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) search engines and also you need to get traffic from eBay to this website.

A appropriate way to go approximately doing that is to create a small record on PPC Advertising that you may market on eBay. This file should comprise beneficial records, however it must also pre-promote your predominant product – your PPC course for your internet site. Your PPC report should be some thing which you’re willing to offer away or promote for very little, within the following example, you may be promoting it for 99 cents.

You then want extra matters: an interesting auction advertisement, and an enticing Me page that drives visitors back in your website.

You’re now ready to open your auction. The specific public sale you’ll create ought to be a Featured Plus auction, this means that it’s far displayed at the pinnacle of the public sale listings earlier than the non-Featured auctions (everyday auctions). You may also need the auction to be a Dutch public sale, which means that you may promote a couple of gadgets from the equal public sale. A Featured Plus public sale will cost round $20.00 to put up, together with approximately $five – $6 of miscellaneous posting charges which include the Dutch public sale charge. So your fee for selling a low-fee document in this way will generally be approximately $26.00.

Now, I hate to move over figures because there is simply so lots that contributes to the outcome of those figures, but let me throw out a few typical scenarios as I skilled them.

If your public sale has an enticing title, you can very probable get one hundred-three hundred visitors to your public sale. I’ve in my opinion seen auctions that promote home business informational merchandise rise up to 1500 visitors! Let’s say you get 150. Of that 150, approximately 20% will visit your internet site thru your Me web page, which fits out to about 30 visits, again my enjoy.

Of the 150 visits to your public sale, you may generate a few sales to your document. If the public sale replica is ideal, it isn’t uncommon to get 10% – 20% income, specifically on the ninety nine cents variety, which works out to fifteen-30 purchases. Let’s say you generate 15% income, which fits out to 22 sales (rounding down).

Now let’s tally the whole lot up. At the stop of the auction, you have spent $26.00 on the auction itself. You made $22.00 on the report income. And you generated 30 internet site visits. If we do the mathematics, you got here out paying approximately 13 cents for every internet site visitor ($26.00-$22.00/30 visits). Plus, you have got a copy of your report in the hands of twenty-two hot prospects (recollect your document pre-sells your website PPC path). Can it get higher than that? The solution is sure! I’ve been conservative with those figures. The fact is, you could virtually make cash and pressure visitors for your website with some exercise/tweaking.

Interesting to notice, on the time of this writing, Overture was charging anywhere from $zero.51 for the tenth location position and $2.55 for the #1 vicinity position for the "PPC" keyword. In our example, we generated 30 visits for thirteen cents per go to from 1 auction. What in case you had 10 or 30 of these styles of auctions walking?

Granted, I realize that this example won’t suit all people’s situation, however you must be able to practice it to a degree.

The formulation is really pretty easy:

1. Sell some thing that pertains for your website that you may supply away or sell for very little. Information is the right product.

2. Then make sure your auction (and public sale title) is extremely enticing – try to pressure as a good deal visitors for your public sale as feasible.

Three. Then make certain your Me page drives the vacationer in your internet site (maybe provide some thing loose, like another file).

Give it a strive… you can must tweak it here or there… But the formulation does work.


Michael Ellis